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Services and Rates


Ayurvedic Health Consultations with Tess

Let's customise Ayurvedic wisdom to your own life!

We start the first 75 minute consultation reviewing your Constitution at Birth (Prkriti) & Current Imbalances (Vikriti), then we turn the attention towards discovering what your health objectives and goals are. 

After that meeting, I prepare a Wellness Plan which are my recommendations tailored to meet your individual health goals. We have a second 45 minute meeting to review the Wellness Plan and agree the ways you can implement these Ayurvedic suggestions successfully.


Initial Consultation Package: $225.00

Meeting 1 - 75 minutes to discuss your two intake forms.

Meeting 2 - 45 minutes to discuss your Individual Wellness Plan.

Follow-up consultation: $100 for 60 min 

Follow-up consultation: $50 for 30 min 

Initial Consultation Package + 1 x 60 min Follow-up: $295 ($325 value)

Initial Consultation Package + 3 x 60 min Follow-ups: $475 ($525 value)


Ayurvedic Yoga and Breathwork 1-2-1

Personalise and enhance your practices tailored to your individual needs. Amplify your approach to finding mental and physical balance. Beginner and all levels welcome. Individual and group classes, minimum meeting is 30 minutes.

Rate per hour: $100


Ayurvedic Cooking Class

Food is thy medicine, so let's get cooking! Having a healthy functioning digestion is central to health, according to Ayurveda. Understand the importance of freshly prepared foods and then get hands on and learn how to: Prepare spice blends, cook classical recipes, sattvic (balanced) eating tips! For individuals and groups, minimum meeting is 60 mins.

Rate per hour: $100

Pile Of Books

Dive In Deep Ayurvedic Workshops

There are so many incredible topics to covers, these are just a few:

  •  Introduction to Ayurveda

  • Yoga for the Seasons

  • Explaining the Dosas: Vata, Pitta, Kapha 

  • Dinacharya - Daily routines 

  • Seasonal Diets and Life-Style Tips for your Dosa

Rate per hour: $100


Sliding scale fees are offered for all services at a reduced rate for those who have lower incomes

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